Aug 25 2009

A mini whirl wind.

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It has been busy around here, a bit like a mini whirl wind. Friday afternoon Jared drove to Buln Buln to pick up Jared’s Grandparents to stay for a few days. They were going to cancel seeing that we had a busy week, but Jared hadn’t seen them since before going overseas, so he wanted them to stay. Jared drove and got them, I said that I was too tired for the three hour round trip. It was nice to have them stay, although everything that I cooked was a flop. I don’t normally have such a bad run with my cooking, but this weekend was a biggy. We went out for Saturday dinner after taking G’ma to see her sister in a new nursing home. Sunday we heard Jared preach at our Church, then I took them home after lunch.

Monday was a productive day with school and I even found the time to whip up a couple of new slings for Camden’s broken arm.IMG_6142The personification of a whirl wind is Cassandra, she really makes me laugh. On the weekend these were her antics.IMG_6125Sunday straight after church Cassandra was found with her shoes off, on this lovely pile of dirt.IMG_6115found watering the garden with her leather shoes as a watering can.IMG_6115Day three squirting vegemite into silicone cupcake holders and hiding them under her bed….huh, what is that all about?IMG_6148I had Stephanie and Lachlan dress up for a photo, they are Penny and Pete, the prayer twins.IMG_6135Another whirl wind? My sister, Nicky. Nicky arrived home from six months living in Thailand. Do you see that red bag? That is filled with presents for all the family.IMG_6149Nicky filled the house with pure silk scarves, Dvds, watches, binoculars, bags and heaps of other goodies. Thank you Nicky, you are very generous. You will be a poor old woman, but all of my children tell me that they will always visit and bring you a chocolate milkshake and a chocolate donut to eat, you have brainwashed them well, lol!

On another note, have you seen this book? I found it at the ABC shop at Chadstone. It is a good introduction to some composers and their music.IMG_6145It comes with a cd so you can hear them.

Today Jared is still unwell with a fever. Jared insisted on going into work so he asked me to drive him in, and pick him up. I know Jared is really sick if he is willing to sit in the passenger seat, he hates me driving. I hate driving in peak hour!

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