Aug 20 2009

The Whole Truth..

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Wednesday night I went out, after being out for less than half an hour? Jared called me to say come home, because he thought that Camden had broken his arm. He was playing a game with Lachlan, and tripped over his blanket. Camden always screams blue murder, so I wasn’t panicking, but there was swelling, so Jared took him off to the hospital in Ferntree Gully. After how many hours there, and some happy gas and xrays, they were told to transfer to Boxhill Hospital. Jared came home, and I took him. To cut a long strory short, he broke the two bones clear in his right arm. He had a op today, but thankfully no pins. we need to go back every week for an xray to check on the bones joining.IMG_6101We are so glad to be home. To top it off today, Jared took over for me for a couple of hours. I drove home with the children, and when I got out of the car, I could hear the tyre going down. I couldn’t believe it, I had one hour to shower, have breakfast and return to the hospital, but now my car tyre was flat! I called Jared, he told me to take it to our local mechanics before it was totally down. I did that, and then begged. They took pity on me, and changed it for me.

Tommorow I am suppose to pick up G’ma and Pa, at this stage, I am too tired, but we will see.

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  1. Narelleon 24 Aug 2009 at 2:54 am

    “Hey mum, that’s my friend Camden”

    He must be in the same BB group as Nathaniel LOL
    How’s he going now? How are YOU going now?

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