Aug 17 2009

Danger, explosives…

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So I have exaggerated a tad. This afternoon has been one of little annoying mishaps, I can feel myself bubbling, not quiet ready to explode. The car we were looking after wouldn’t start despite Jared trying many times yesterday…..then I discovered that my son played with someone’s hat and that hat is now missing….I haven’t got a person for America for Dayspring Day which is less than 6 weeks away, my ink has run out on my laser printer, and it costs a small fortune to replace…and lets just say that I am running behind on things. Little things that can get you grumpy if you let them….I have a confession…..Perhaps a good night sleep?kahcard

Today the girls did a card making lesson. Stephanie (a mother, not my daughter), showed the girls how to make cute cards out of basic materials. Isn’t it nice to recieve a little note? I often think of sending one to people, but 75% of the time, I don’t.

Here is my add for Dayspring Day.dsdaddpicDon’t think I don’t trust you, but you know how it is…there are some creeps out there, so I have blocked out my phone number just in case…for the children’s sake.

gotta go and have a sleep.

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