Aug 14 2009

Meet Butterbean!

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While the children were doing school today, and between Camden doing school, I made a littel Butterbean, In fact I made two! These are cute and very simple to make. The patterns can be downloaded from

Here is a picture of my little dolls, Steph made one too. The little girl doll was claimed by Cassandra. A young child could make one of these with a little assistance.IMG_6077IMG_6079IMG_6076


Look what my lovely postie brought to me today 😀IMG_6080Did I tell you that a tree was blown over last week during a freaky five minute hail storm. Our neighbour Nathan came and chopped it up for us today. Actually he started to chop it up last week, but then his chainsaw got stuck, he came back over today to finish the job. Thanks nice neighbour.

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