Aug 11 2009

Lost and found.

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A big chunk of time was spent searching for my neice’s birthday present that I had put in a “safe” spot before going overseas. I have emptied many cupboards, and after how many hours, found it in with the wrapping paper, argh! Have I lost my memory already? In the meantime I have discovered evidence that a little hungry chocolate eater has been nibbling at my cooking, I could probably use my power of observation and say that the mouth print matches Cassandra’s!

We have a little friend called Anna who had read a book with her mother, about some children who went and sang to some elderly people. With this thought in mind, Anna wanted us all to sing to a lovely elderly gentleman from our church. Feeling a little freakish, Lian and I with  children went to sing. Poor man, we should have called first, but he is generous. We sang a few little songs, and his eyes lit up, they truly did! Godbless you Anna, may you always think of good ways to uplift others. Anna is only 5.motivational_charts_children_singing_scene_attendance_cards_classroom_reward

Jared is at another meeting tonight, so the girls and I are watching the end of Pride and Prejudice. I love this movie. Steph says that I am more like Emma, with Jared being my Mr Knightly, why? I always get myself in scrapes, and Jared always is there “correcting me”, even though he loves me 😀

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