Aug 06 2009

Yum, Roast Minister for Lunch!

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Have you ever sat down to Sunday lunch, only to have roast minister? I remember even as a teenager being warned about this. How often do we criticise our ministers? Ok, if He isn’t preaching faithfully from the Word, have a quiet word with him, but…. I have heard people criticising his tie, how many children he might have, the type of car he drives, his choice of sermon. Many people love their minister and try to encourage him, but there are some (and I think women are the worst here),who love to exercise their spiritual insight and “direct, or advise” their minister on how to be a more faithful preacher. I have just read through Samuel and Kings, do you know where I am going with this? David! He had reason to dislike his king, afterall he wasn’t godly. The amazing thing is, that David respects Saul because he was the man that God had charged with that position. David even demanded that others didn’t speak badly of Saul. I believe that If your minister is preaching the gospel, we should respect them, and pray for them. The life of a minister can be lonely, why don’t you pray for him and his family instead?CoolClips_vc006985

Yesterday I had a chat with Lachlan, he is 12. Jared’s great grandfather asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up, Lachlan was very slow to answer. Thinking that this was very odd, I asked him later why he didn’t list off the jobs that he has always said that he was interested in, Dr, Minister, Police officer. His reply was unexpected when it came to “a minister”. Lachlan said that he read that if you are a minister, you are judged more strictly as you are responsible¬†on how you lead your church. Wow, the fear of God is a good thing. Of course I explained that although this is true, a father is also responsible for his family. So just as a family should make the father’s job easier by being obedient, so we should as a church.

On a lighter note, I visted Jared’s grandparents yesterday, did the normal school, piano etc thingy today. Alycia and I started on a little project (it will probably take us weeks to do). Stephanie is learning how to do crochet, you tube is a great tool for watching how to do something. I will have to take some pictures of her projects. Camden had Boy’s Brigade at Boronia tonight. Jared is now helping out every couple of weeks, Camden was so excited when his dad was one of the leaders.

This week I found the best shop, it is a lovely quilting shop found in the back of Keith Fagg Building Supplies. Wow, if someone hadn’t told me about it, I would never have seen it. The material is cheaper than Spotlight and there is more of a ¬†choice. My heart actually skipped a beat, I was so excited. I bought a Melly and Me pattern book, Alycia wanted to make a bee.6a00d8341d101453ef011571190f16970b-115wiIn case you live around Spotlight in Bayswater, the shop that I am referring to is only about five shops down in Canterbury Rd.

I recieved some mail from my postie friend. Last time he came to the door I said “Ah, it has been a while, I have been away” He said to me “I was wondering why I couldn’t put bread on the table”….mmm, do I have a problem?IMG_6010Also, I didn’t show you the generous gift that Jayni gave to us (or should I say to the girls). Jayni said that she saw these beautiful tins, and considering that she has four boys, she didn’t feel comfortable with such pretty pink things. Who am I to argue? Thank you, I love the beautiful patterns, and colours.IMG_6008Tonight I made Bread Pudding, it was rather nice.IMG_6011

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