Jul 29 2009

Techno Problems..

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Oh man! After finally deleting over 1000 photos to be able to transfer them on my camera, I have discovered that I don’t have room on my computer hard drive for the photos anyway, argh! I have been able to get about 10 photos, so I’ll at least show you a couple of them. Let’s play “Guess where Cassie is”IMG_5198No.2IMG_5339

Now I know I am smiling but the above place actually made me very teary. I was so saddened to see the idolatry in this place. This place has everything that the Reformation tried to turn away from. It was so sad to see people praying in front of the “dead pope”.

No. 3IMG_5313No. 4IMG_5010No. 5IMG_2734

¬†answers 1. Rome (the Colosseum) 2. Rome, (the Vatican) 3. Geneva (the Calvin 500 conference) 4. Rome (The Trevi Fountain, with a weird man) 5. London (The British Museum, the Rosetta Stone).deweyLook at this good looking chap, don’t you just dig his helmet? You can download the free pattern for this (it looks great in plain old white cardboard) from.http://www.clevelandart.org/kids/art/haveago/armor.html

Today I went and visited my mum, it was good to have a little catch up.terrariumdetail

Isn’t this cute? Someone made this terranium from their little Eiffle Tower. We went to Paris too, but I still don’t have the photos to prove it, argh!

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