Jul 25 2009

Fallen off the planet?

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No, I am not lost in Roma! I have been home for a week now, and my three week trip with Jared is already a dream. It was so nice to get back home to be with the children. I have never had such big cuddles. My mum and dad picked us up at the airport, and drove us home. All of the children were asleep at 10pm so Jared and I had fun gently waking them up. Alycia bounced out of bed, Cassandra was in a daze, Camden was like a log, and Steph and Lachlan woke when reality hit. This week has been so wonderful, Camden said as he dozed off to sleep “Mummy, it is so nice to see your face again”, how sweet is that?

School is back on, Camden’s reading has improved while I have been away (thanks to G’ma spending time with him every day), Camden has been the slowest to grasp reading. George and Julie were very brave taking on our children, but they did a great job and survived. I have noticed that G’pa has put a knob on my large saucepan, fixed our T.V cabinet hinge (It has been broken for at least three years), and other little, but very helpful surprises.

I have worked on a surprise….gone to our Homeschooling group were Lian arranged to make real hand dipped candles, was on Chruch morning tea…and many other “Life” things.

 I haven’t got any of my photos on my computer yet, as it is refusing to download/upload 3200 photos at once, argh! And you know that a blogger is no good without her camera! Stay tuned, Jared now has them on his, so I am deleting until I get to 1000!

Today my Steph is at Girl’s brigade training, I will be picking her up tommorow. I have attempted to make some pegdoll necklaces as seen on GRACEVIOLET, they are soooooooo cute, or at least I think so. But as I said, no camera, such a drama! I also made a cute pair of baby pants for someone who is having a baby. Alycia and Stephanie also learn’t with me..photos are coming. So as you can see, we have hit the ground running…..

I must thank God for protecting us and our family while we have been away. I have never felt the awesomeness of God in such a way before, knowing that He is all knowing, and that everything, including my final breath is in His hands.yhst-31023256944510_2051_907531

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