Jul 07 2009


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We are in Geneva, for the Calvin 500 conference. Last night we listened to 3 sermons in a row, that has to be a record for a Monday. Suprisingly there are not as many people as we expected. Evidently most are lecturers, mostly from the U.S. We have spoted a fellow Aussie, from Sydney, and a New Zealander, and someone from the UK.  The sermons are great. In the Morning we listen to 4 papers from 4 different men (they read them), that hasn’t been the best.

 Jared and I have caught a few trams, walked heaps, and walked the gardens. People here must be very fit, because there are so many steps. Jared tries to find short cuts, but that makes the trip longer, as he normally finds the spot with more stairs! Oh for an airconditioner, our motel doesn’t have one. We asked for a fan, so we have an old one, but we have it on all night. At the moment we are in Maccas, they have a better internet service. I still can’t add photos, argh!

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