Jul 05 2009

Geneva, Switzerland

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Today we had our first message. Sinclair Ferguson preached a great sermon about Christ alone for Salvation in realation to Paul’s conversion as seen in Phil 3. There are so many gypsies hanging around the churches asking for money. One has a walking stick, but you should see him run when a bunch of chinese tourists get off a bus, lol! You feel bad walking past, but I feel a little angry too. Why don’t they try to work? Sweep or something!! Geneva is very expensive, a little like Paris, but a lot quieter on a Sunday. Our internet service doesn’t work in the motel room, so we have found a Mcdonalds. Do you know that you have to pay to use a public bathroom, or have a special code at Mcdonalds to use a toilet?  That isn’t saying that they are clean either.

 yesterday was a good day. We got off the sleeper train (my boys would have loved to see that), and then we walked around Zurich. We saw Zwingli’s Chruch. It is very pretty hear, the water is so clear and blue, it puts our Yarra River to shame. We saw a sectioned area for swimming, and I was tossing up whether to put on my summer PJs to go for a swim, and then we noticed that the women were not wearing tops! lets just say that we walked off into the opposite direction very quickly. We re-wound the video tape just in case we caught some footage. 

The one thing that I do like about Europe besides the history is that they ride bikes everywhere. I can even see 70 year olds riding everywhere, cool! G’ma, I’m gunna buy you a bike for your Birthday!

On Thursday night we are off to Rome for a few days then back to home sweet home. God is so gracious to us, we have avoided so many disasters, to which I give God my thanks.

Do you know that you feel a little like a teenager when you are with your husband, without your children? I miss my children, I do, but it is nice to spend time with just Jared. It is nice to appreciate each other, to get eachother’s jokes etc…

see you.

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  1. Nickyon 05 Jul 2009 at 6:14 pm

    Hi Cass & Jared…wow…sounds like you are having a great time. Isn’t travelling a wonderful experience. I feel just like you when you say how how gracious God is with regards to protecting us from disasters. I thank God every time I get off the motor bike and arrive safely at home. Anyway, take care, enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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