Jul 02 2009

Wow, and then some…

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The days are becoming a blur, i think that I will end up with some very confused history. We caught the train last night from Paris to Berlin.IMG_3633 We were in a little room, with our own shower and toilet. The shower was a challege, ever tried taking a shower on a trampoline.IMG_3766 The shower would squirt a blast of water, then stop, then you would have to push the button again.IMG_3767 It was a very broken sleep, we had some very loud french people in the next room, and when they finally went to sleep, they snored! We arrived in Berlin at 8.30 am. The first thing we did was try and buy the tickets to Wittenberg. did you know that there are two Wittenbergs? Thankfully the very competant German lady pointed that out to us, or else we would have headed two hours in the opposite direction, argh! We had a couple of hours to fill in, so we walked in the humidity with our suitcases (the backpack broke), for a looksie at the Parliment were Hilter did his thing. IMG_3858We also saw where the Berlin wall use to be. IMG_3867 I can’t belive that I get to actually see all of this history.

 Back on a train, one that travelled at 200km/hr, it didn’t feel like it, but it was. we arrived in Wittenberg around lunch time. We booked into our room after walking another few kms, and guess what we can see outside our window?IMG_3945 You guesed it, the door (or at least the replacement door) that Luther nailed his 95 thesis on, how cool is that? We also went in to the church, Luther was buried there. We climbed up to the bell tower. My legs went down yesterday, so I am extremely thankfull for that. They have remained that way despite all of the walking. I think that I am on “Fat Camp” I have never drunk so much water before.

This afternoon we have washed out our clothes, walked around and have visited Melanchthon’s home. i hadn’t heard of him before, but thankfully I have Jared with me, who knows a thing or two.IMG_3951

The motel room that we are staying in is like a mini palace, we could have fit all of the children in here! Evidently Peter the Great stayed in this room.IMG_3952

Well girls, I haven’t done any shopping, Jared is horrified at the thought! So I widow shop as we sprint past….as you can see we have great internet reception at this motel, yay!  tommorow lunch time we will head back to Berlin, then at 10pm we will catch a train to Zurich? then off to Geneva for the conferance. I am sooooooooo ready to see my children. I miss you children, I hope that you are being very good for Grandma and grandpa. Remember what I always tell you, that I love you, and that God does too, that is why He gave us his son to die for our sins. If only you could see how godly men fought for the Bible to be put into common man’s hands so that we could read this great treasure for ourselves, don’t neglect it, it is the very breath of God.

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