Jul 01 2009

Off to Berlin.

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We are sitting in a McDonalds at the moment waiting to get on a train to Berlin. It has been suprisingly hot in Paris. I can’t believe that it still looks like day time at 10.30pm! We awake at 6 and stay awake until 11pm, oh laa laa! We have been washing out our clothes every night, and they have been drying fairly quickly.

Kiddies, have you done any cutting or laminating lately? I hope so..

Today we went to the Louvre, we saw so many amazing art works. I do think that painters have an obsession with the females human body, although the men weren’t doing too badly either. Jared said that he felt objectified!  Jared said that if he went around like half of the statues, he would be arrested!

I am now wishing that I paid some attention to the children’s German lessons, I will have to use my eyebrows alot to express myself, and Cassie sign language.

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