Jun 22 2009

Hong Kong

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After a nine hour flight, 4 movies, and many hours staring out the window at the amazing views, we are finally here. Pictures are not loading from Hong kong airport, so they will have to wait.
Jared and I were very adventerous, and caught a train to the city. Jared insisted that we walk up every step and hill (and believe me, there are a lot of them). It is so humid here, so we both looked like hot tomotoes! There are so many buildings, some look very poor, but they are surronded by amazing mountains. The people have been very helpful. One lady in a takeaway asian shop, came to stir my drink. I had ordered lemonade, but we both recieved a very big iced tea with heaps of lemons in them. I nearly gagged. The cleaner came over to me, grabed my spoon, and started to smash the lemon into my drink, I was just staring….It still tasted gross, but I made a friend;D.
see you later.

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