Jun 16 2009

Cool Stuff.

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This afternoon I went shopping with Steph, and look what I found. I begged Steph to go back into the shop to take a photo of it for me. $30 for the apron was a bit steep for me just now, especially when I know how to make one.IMG_2421I also found this great book, how cool is this? I just had to buy it, after all history is an important element in any child’s life …..cough, cough.IMG_2424This book cost $18 from Big W. I have some of the real bits and pieces from the space mission when I was in the U.S, Washington D.C. I so enjoyed that. We saw “Night at the Museum 2” the other week (stupid), but I did get to see the items again. Emilia Earhart’s red plane? Saw it! How blessed are we, that we get to see all this history?IMG_2423Tonight Lachlan and Cassandra are having a sleep over (poor Lachlan), that means he will be pushed out of the bed, at around 2-3am when it is the coolest.

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