Jun 15 2009

Busy Bees

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Today the girls in the Keepers at Home course attempted to make a Gratitude Wrap. The pattern is found on www.soulemama.com . I was impressed with the girls trying to do everything really neatly. They all finished but one, but she was busy looking after her little baby sister, doing a great job.IMG_2397I didn’t take a photo of the final product, but here they are cut before hand.IMG_2309Look what Jared recieved in the mail today, his cloak for his Westminister masters.IMG_2412We insisted that he put the hood on…IMG_2413Last but not least, my daughters told me that I looked younger and preetier cross eyed!! What do you think, should it become my new look?IMG_2367Speaking of new looks, my husband wants me to dye my hair blonde, agh! I will try maybe a lighter brown. Ellie our 10 year old neighbour will cut my hair and then dye it, how trusting am I? It might end up blonde after all!!

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