Jun 13 2009

Just a Little Prayer.

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Tonight the kiddies watched Pilgrim’s Progress on DVD with Jared. The movie is a modern take on it, it had moments that were a bit scary. I climbed into bed with Cassandra tonight, and she said “are we all christians in this family?” I said that if you ask Jesus to forgive you, He will save you. He died for sinners. She started to cry and say “but I’m so naughty”. I gave her a big cuddle and said that Jesus forgives all of our sin, and that everything good that Jesus did, God sees when He sees us. I asked her if she wanted to ask Jesus to forgive her, she said yes. She bowed and prayed, “Jesus forgive me, thank you, Amen”. Wow, that wasn’t expected. She then ran off to tell Steph, Lach, Camden and Daddy. She went to bed happy. Just a simple prayer, but life changing.children-silhouette-clip-art Camden went to bed thinking heavily..IMG_2359It’s that time of the year again, time for cutting, laminating and cutting again, agh! I have just run out of ink on my new printer again, oh man, another couple of hundred dollars. I really wanted to have these cards printed out before our trip, but it doesn’t look like it now. In the meantime this is what our floor looks like.IMG_2358Here is a little picture of Jared and I, photgenic aren’t we?IMG_2354

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