Jun 09 2009

A Little Hairdresser

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I was on such a good run this morning, the kiddies had started school and were going well. I went up stairs to change the bed sheets, Cassandra followed me. I let her cut some paper with the children’s craft scissors (you know the ones that don’t really work?). Well, guess what, they do! Cassandra transformed into Edward Scissor hands, and cut off all her hair!!!!! Oh man, the floor looked like a skinned rabbit! IMG_2279Cassandra looked like a bogan (she couldn’t cut off the back).IMG_2281

The irony in this, is that I had just prayed for patience, to have the law of kindness on my tongue. Then I saw….God has a sense of humour. It is only hair hey? I gringe every time I see the abscense of shiny long blonde hair.  After a little wash, and brush, and the removal of the bogan tail….IMG_2288Don’t mind the fake smile. She has been a little upset, especially when I had to cut off her tail.

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