May 31 2009


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Today I am very disappointed. I have just been told that another person I know has decided to be a Uniting Church minister. As soon as you doubt the Word of God, and trust in your own wisdom, there seems to be a certain path people take……I challenge you today, to know what you believe, and why you believe it. If you say you are a Christian, READ the Bible.

Today the horrible flu has reared it’s ugly head. Cassandra and Stephanie closely followed by Camden and Alycia, and Lachlan. I even feel a little drained. I have put in my apology for missing out on our homeschooling group again! This time Lian has organised to teach the girls how to make bath bombs and other items.

Camden has been busy with his Lego lately which is good to see, he keeps asking to take pictures of his little creations.IMG_2188Friday I recieved a terrific parcel of goodies. It only took one week to arrive from the U.S. I have got some great “around the world” puppets to use for Dayspring. Some niffy badges. Oh, and this great knights costume for Camden.IMG_2169IMG_2174

I have made lots of yumies lately. One is this simple apple tea cake.IMG_2200I took the photo before it was cooked, it doesn’t last long afterwards to take a photo.CIMG0352How cute is this purse? You can buy one on etsy, or make yourself one by buying the pattern!6a00e551101c54883401156f6a2a59970c-500wiAnyone set for a knitting bee?

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