May 28 2009


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Look what arrrived in the mail today! A mini laptop. It is so cute, small enough for us to take on our trip to Europe, which is only three weeks away! This will be our little friend which will allow us to phone our children, and see them each day while we are away. I also have this new watch that I bought for $8 from K-Mart. It will do as a watch, and a little photo album,(so I don’t forget what my children look like). I’m going to miss them so much.IMG_2167
and the watch..
Today the children and I went to a homeschooling conferance run by Character First. They run a family day once a month, and finish off with lunch. I really enjoyed it, all the children were really well behaved. There were over 100 people there. I’ll put more details about it later, in case you are interested.
il_430xN_67316598 These are very cute! They are on etsy I think…

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  1. nedwards2on 28 May 2009 at 12:32 pm

    WOW, and I thought my travelling laptop was small (I have an Eee PC). Great idea! I am so glad I have my laptop for emails and blog..good move!

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