May 27 2009

A cut above the rest

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Ok, I’m no hairdresser, but I┬ácan only improve eh? Jared, actually let me cut his hair. I was going really well. I was taking my time. The front and sides look great, but I was wondering what was going on in the back….Where was his neck line? Up, up, up…oppsie! Thankfully no one has either noticed his page boy look, or are too polite to comment. Jared wouldn’t let me take a photo of his back, I thought it best not to push it, afterall It was me that did it to him!IMG_1979
Cassandra during her “nap” got up to some creative endevours. Did you know that vaseline is as good as glue when used on a mirror? It even holds a head band!IMG_1978Now, back to hair. Camden likes to brush his hair a particular way, he reminds me of Peewee in Richie Rich comics.IMG_2165I have started making up things for Dayspring Day. 150 little bags, have been put together.IMG_2120 Now I will leave you with a picture that I came across today, of two of my girls. My mum took this photo a while ago, but I love it.IMG_2121

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  1. nedwards2on 28 May 2009 at 12:30 pm

    You are right, a lovely photos of your girls. How pretty do they look!

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