May 14 2009

Good, Better, Best.

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I am de-junking ( or at least attempting to). I have just put about 20 videos/DVDs into the op shop. Why? We seem to have many movies with witches, and magic in them. They don’t come across as sinister as such, but it is a stepping stone. Why do I want my little children watching these things anyway? I could have good, but why not try for best? I don’t mean the best children, just the best books and videos going into them. Don’t get me wrong, I probably have things that you wouldn’t have, but it really is between you and God. My big question is “Why is Harry Potter wrong to watch when Christians seem so eager about The Lord of the Rings, and Nania etc?” Is witch craft wrong or not? Is God telling his people in Deuteronomy, do what you want? I don’t think so…so I am becoming an ultra conservative? Umm, dunno.
Today I locked myself out of the house, with three children and the groceries, agh!!! I left the shopping by the front door, hoping that Jared would get home a little early, and off I went to do some extra shopping. I had taken the house key off my car keys when I had the car serviced (am I paranoid?). All is well now, home and cosy…I must remember where I put the key!!!IMG_1881Yes, I know, I’m gorgeous. I need a sleep!

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