May 10 2009

Happy Mother's Day

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carolinemurat_childrenHappy Mother’s day everyone. What a blessing a good mother can be, and what a home destroyer a difficult one can be. I am guilty of both, but I hope that I may be a blessing above all else. We have all heard the saying “a happy mother means a happy home”, how sad, and how true that can be. Mother’s need to remember that we are called to be our husbands helper not the other way around. We should develop an attitude of thankfulness and joy. When we respect our husbands, and our husbands love us, we have happy children. Don’t forget that we are leading our children everyday. Where are you leading them? Point them to Christ, let them see your faults, and your hope in the one who forgives them. Be humble. Be faithful in teaching them God’s Word, your time will never be wasted.Worship004

 A lovely lady at church today said to me that when she woke up this morning and prayed, she thought how many mothers would be upset if their children didn’t acknowledge them on Mothers day. How many mothers would feel hurt. She then said that this is what God must feel every Lord’s day when his creation all ignore Him! Wow, what a thought. How true is this. We need to acknowledge God, everyday, especially the Lord’s day.

Jared just spoke to his mother on the phone (they live in another state). I asked Jared if she liked her present, he said that he forgot to ask. Either it fell apart in the post (highly likely), or else she didn’t get it? I posted it on Wednesday, so I hope that she did. Here is a photo of what I made her, a jewellery roll. I also added a box of chocolates. IMG_1741It then can be rolled up, for travel. It’s my first one, I was pretty happy with it.IMG_1743

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