May 09 2009

A Biggy!

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IMG_1761Today we had a big day, as Lachlan had his Scotch College test. A two and a half exam with a 15 min break. We saw Lachlan in the break, and his face was shiny. His test was not as hard as he thought it would be, he actually was pleased. He was so relieved. Stephanie and I wondered around the school taking in the sights, and listening to our guide. There are many opportunities for a boy to excell in many things, but I don’t think christianity is one of them. I think a danger with private school is that the focus is on yourself, and not on Christ…correct me if I’m wrong.IMG_1785Afterwards we went to the museum to see the Darwin exhibition. We went because Steph is doing the Vision Forum essay challenge about Darwin Versus Calvin and the effects of their beliefs on our western culture. The Museum is pathetic. It is aimed at grade 2 level. IMG_1790I think that a better explanation is that God created the animals on day 6, and that He is a creative and powerful God.

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