May 06 2009

What's Up?

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The time has just flown by in the last couple of days. Here is the lesson that we had on Monday. Lian was amazing organising the girls to cook so much in only one hour. They all loved it though.img_1693This is the sheet that Lian wrote, and I decorated.kepThere is a back page too..

Alycia who is 9 made a casserole by herself, how good is she?img_1740Steph made the yummy cake too, how spoilt am I?


On Monday night we had a special Mother’s day night at Girl’s Brigade. It was lovely to see the older girls lead the evening, including a great devotion with the gospel.

Tuesday, Cassie and I did a bit of cooking. A yummy apple tea cake. img_17351I also did a bit of sewing late into the evening, a present for my mother in-law. Now I can’t show you just yet, just in case she reads my blog before Mother’s Day. Let me just say once again, that everything that can wrong does (when it’s me sewing). I had to unpick a lot!!!

Today I spent some of today with mum for Mother’s Day. We went and put a cart on layby for Alycia. I have a vision for her and Steph to go and sell their craft items once a month around our streets. With a pamphlet made up by Steph, they will sell things like baby blankets, some food items, aprons etc. I imagine that it will take a while to get our act together though, perhaps by the end of the year?img_17441The cart is expensive, so I hope that we can use it wisely. Alycia and Steph will have to pay some of their profits toward it.

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