Apr 27 2009


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Today, dotted around school I cleaned through my filing cabinet. Wow, the stuff I keep. I was motivated by a show that I saw last night about a couple who were in debt and had to sell everything, and their jammed packed house full of “collectibles” ie, junk! I filled up two whole garbage bags! I discovered cartoons that I had cut out from newspapers such as..img_1554Yep, assertive people and just grumpy people!

Cassie made some cool glasses. Mmm, I need some new glasses.img_1596I have to show you this great toy that I picked up years ago from a $2 shop. I think that it would be a great item for boys to make for their little sisters. A fun way to use up some scraps too.img_1590then you lift the cover..img_1592Then close the lid, and there you have it, one groovy girl!img_1593I just got back from taking the girls to Girl’s Brigade, boy, it was cold. Now where can I find all of the extra blankets? Oh man, the children made a “fort”img_1545

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