Apr 25 2009

Fabric Quarter Bouquet Tutorial.

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I found these great bouquets at a fabric store not too far from me. I lashed out and spent a whopping $25 so that I could take it back home and pull it apart and make my own. Wouldn’t they make a great hostess gift for a “crafty” person, something that is pretty, and yet functional (when unwrapped they can add the material to their latest quilt or applique).img_1502The one I bought!

Let’s begin.

Cut  smaller (15 cm) squares from yellow material. They will be the center of the flower. img_1522Place a cotton ball or a small amout of batting in the center of each square and gather up the points and secure with an elastic band (the type that you get at the $2 shop, 200 in a pkt). img_1523Buy some satay sticks (the bamboo kind, Wilshire brand from Big W…about $2) Insert into the middle of the yellow material, and secure again with another elastic.img_1527Once you have made up  7 of these, you need to choose four different materials to be the outside of the flowers. Then cut 7 pieces about 45cm x 18cmimg_1529

you need to fold down the top and the botton of the material and then fold along the length of the material like a paper fan.img_1531Next you need to wrap the material around the yellow center, and secure with an elastic band.img_1534Repeat until you have a bunch, wrap with tissue paper, and there you have it!img_1541Here are some other bunches that I made today. img_1544

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  1. Kellyon 19 May 2010 at 3:20 pm

    This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing how you did it. I will definitely be trying this sometime.

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