Apr 22 2009

My 38th Birthday

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Yesterday was my birthday. I got up and made bacon and eggs because Jared has his big lecture day, added extra for myself and J’s parents. I went off for the day with Lachlan and Alycia and helped move more things from mum and dad’s old house to their new one only a few streets away. I woke up this morning with sore muscles, muscles that I never knew exsisted! I got home in time for the meal that Julie had made, did the dishes, then pretty much went to bed. I did get a few lovely suprises, particularly from Steph who made a pillowcase from scratch for me.img_1470 She also made a journal, cutting A4 paper and then sewing and stapling together…I love it, but I’m not sure that the pieces will hold together to be my Europe journal, I will need to review it. Let me say, that I love it though.img_1475Alycia made a little bunny from a facewasher for me.img_1473 My boys typically didn’t acknowledge my birthday, I must get onto that…husbands if you are out there, a little effort can make your wife feel a little bit special. These boys aren’t going too well on that training. At 9.30pm I said to J, aren’t you going to even give me a card? Evidently when I was away with the fairies he said to me that he would take me out for tea with the children on Wednesday night, so now I am sitting here patiently? waiting for him to arrive home.
George and Julie left this morning, so it was back to the school routine with piano, catechism, and science, maths, English etc.. Speaking of the in-laws this is the card that went with the present that I opened last week.img_1477 and the inside..img_1478

On Monday ( I know that I am going backwards here) we had our “Keepers at Home” course again. This time I was it, as poor Lian had a meeting with a dentist.. So I read them a book on purity.img_1488I also read Elizabeth Botkin’s talk on “Dedicating the flower of your youth”. This talk was all about using your youth to know God’s word, and serving others.  I thought that it went really well, although I think Lian is better with the whole leading the class thingy.

Speaking of Lian, look what she gave to me. I loved the card too. later in the day her little girl said to me “we would have given you a spotty one if we could” how cute is that?img_1465Here are the littlest children doing their paper crafts, how happy is Cassandra?img_1463

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