Apr 19 2009

I Lied!

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I know that I said that I would post what Steph and I made yesterday, but as it happened, my computer would not accept any photos! My computer is telling me that I need to clear up some space on disk C??? I have been trying to get rid of some files, but it seems that I am even a hoarder on my computer disk!img_1360It is a wedding cake made from bath towels! Steph and I were laughing alot when we cut and pasted their photos onto some pre-done wedding outfits (who knows what freaky people are doing with your facebook photos!). They took it with the intention that it was given, which was lovely. To John and Kara, we pray that God will bless your marriage, and grant you many little blessings (as in children). This is what they really look like.img_1460I really enjoyed the night talking with them and to Kara’s parents. It is wonderful to know that we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Yesterday we also helped move some of my parent’s belongings into their new house. It is a sad time, because mum’s house is always spotless, but this new one needs work. It is only for a time though, and mum can make things look more homey in a flash.img_1434This is unit one, they are in unit 3. I hope that you are happy in your new home mum and dad.

At the moment I have Jared’s parents staying with us for a week. The children are loving the extra attention that grandparents bring. They are exhausting G’ma with all of the card games and Boogle that she can handle. Tonight the girls are out in the tent.

Tommorow I have the Keepers at Home course again. I will be reading a book to the girls called “The Princess and the Kiss”, I will also read out Elizabeth Botkin’s speech on ‘Dedicating the Flower of your Youth”.  Hopefully the girls will be inspired to serve the Lord in their homes.

G’night dear friends, I am tired and have just remembered that I have some muffins left cooling in their pan, must go and pop them into a tin.

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