Apr 17 2009

The Perils of sewing.

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I was really proud of myself when I made this little purse. I had to really bring out the determination and perservere. I really believe that my mind isn’t too sharp, I’m sure that the rest of the world could figure things out a lot faster. Nevertheless, I did it. Perhaps that is why I am so stubborn, I would never do anything if I wasn’t!img_1367 The perils of sewing? Well, my big toe found a pin, a long pin!img_1363Forget the band aid, grab my camera! The pin was as stubborn as me, it wouldn’t be pulled out, so…well, you get the picture.
Jared’s parents arrived on Wednesday to stay for one week. They live in QLD, but came down for Jared’s brother’s 40th birthday. Of course we missed the celebration, and are yet to give him his card! I went to a meeting on Wednesday night, Thursday I had a party for two children to go to, so the other three went with the grandparents. I was childless! I was lonely…just a little bit. (where is that baby re-born?).
Today our toilet is leaking and smart/handy G’pa is working on fixing it. If you stay here folks, you have to work, it’s like the army!
Last night I slept in a tent with Alycia in the back yard. No, it wasn’t cold, we had 20 blankets.
Tommorow my parents are moving house, so we are off to help them. We are having vistors for tea, which I am looking forward to. I have made tea already so no one will feel rushed. We have also (Steph and I) been working on a secret..I’ll show you tommorow. It makes me laugh.

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