Apr 01 2009

Too Busy to Post

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Where has the week gone? Friday the older children had youth group, they learn’t about building each other up, and the one foundation of the Church, Jesus. They started off the night building with cardboard boxes, some of the children were blindfolded, hand cuffed, or had their feet tied. Yes, we all need each other to build!img_1222We had another Homemaker’s lesson on aprons. The girls were able to sew their own basic, but pretty apron on the day.img_1262Alycia loves her apron so much that she has been wearing it while doing her school work! At the same time ,Mr Peet taught the boys how to make a go-cart, how cool is that? The boys were so wrapped, and we were given the opportunity to take it home first. So this is what we did when we got home.img_1251Isn’t it great to have a slave, oh, I mean a sister, to push you up the hill?  Mr Peet wouldn’t be impressed with such a little girl pushing her big heavy brother. img_1245Don’t worry, Lachlan gave his sister a turn as well.

What else has happened? We have delivered heaps of pamphlets, but still have some more to go after 4 hrs worth. Steph has made a patchwork cushion for Jared, but it has been declared too small, so she needs to start again….poor Steph….img_1235Mum came over today to use the internet, their’s is down. I also officially handed the missionary magazine that I do, over to a bright young lady, she will do a great job. Tommorow I am off to the city to try and get my ideas for the next DSD approved. I will catch the Met train, which I haven’t done for over 10 years! How old do I sound, do you believe that I am a little nervous?

Steph made a cute teddy after school today, don’t you think that it is adorable?img_1266I had a sudden urge to grab it from her, give it a cuddle and call it “Rainbow”…How old am I?

Tonight Cassandra has a little temperature, I have just given her some Panadol..I have forgotten that it can make them hyper (lock up the cupboards folks!). Better go now, lots of kiddies to cuddle. Oh, and just in case you are reading this Nicky (my sister in Thailand), Cassandra said out of the blue today “Auntie Nicky has make up on her nose, but now her nose is getting better..” Sweet eh? Nicky had a skin cancer removed just before going away, and Cassandra is still thinking about her.

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