Mar 29 2009

A shopaholic?

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Jared and I went and saw a movie yesterday “Confessions of a Shopoholic”. I actually thought that it was a good movie despite some obvious bits that most movies have in now..The first scene I could relate to, buying the “practical” black school shoes that will last a few years instead of the pretty pink ones! Jared and I laughed when no one else did, what’s with that? I also cried! Remember girls, there is no such thing as a “magic card”.
Today we went to Church, I was on tea duty. I was hoping that I wasn’t pulling out the “sacred” Lord’s table table cloth when setting up, as I didn’t know what things I was suppose to use. Some Churches can make such a fuss over things like that, but thankfully this one doesn’t. Now we have heaps of pamphlets to deliver in preparation for our Easter service in the park.7099p5071441While you are on line, you have to check this out to believe it. This picture is not a photo of a real baby, but a doll! Women are buying them for about $1000, the site is called babyreborn. Scary, but yet intriging…Steph think that I will become a bit of a nutter, and collect these dolls and call them my real babies. How can a doll melt your heart? Me thinks, my eyes are decieved! Remember, don’t use that credit card to buy one!

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