Mar 26 2009

Confessions of a Naughty Daughter In-law.

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Ok, I admit, I’m bad! Now you have it in writing. My in-laws always gives us all our birthday presents to put away into a cupboard at Christmas time. Well now my secret is out (although, I think that they might know me well enough not to be suprised), I have opened mine already, and my birthday is still a month away! Steph opened hers for her birthday on Monday…well, actually Sat., and I joined in the festivities and opened mine too! Thanks George and Julie for the lovely basket of bathroom smelly stuff, I really like the basket that it came in! Oh, and Steph gave Cassandra and I a lovely foot massage with the goodies that you gave to her…I know, I should have given her one, but she insisted…Just for interest, Jared’s present is still in the cupboard. He hasn’t opened his because, well, I haven’t handed it to him, and he doesn’t know where it is! Wow, there are a lot of exclamation points in this post eh?
img_1193 Today Steph and I have been attempting Geometery, ugh! What a time waster! I’m sure that the engineer or the whoever else uses the stuff wouldn’t say that, but….Steph has pages of theorems that she is suppose to recite, all the words sound like blah, blah blah…Despite the little voice in my head saying the “blah…” we have persevered, because working things out, and perservering has proven to be a very important character trait, especially as christians. Do you believe that this whole year is just Geometery? Perhaps she will become an engineer…gag!
img_1194The highlight of the week has been that I have defrosted my freezer..nice!

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