Mar 24 2009


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Everyone can take their marriage for granted at some point, expecting to be loved despite how they might treat their spouse. Let me recomend a new DVD called Fireproof to you. I bought this recently from Koorong for $30 (actually I paid $20 with a voucher). I tried to get Jared to watch it, but he automatically thought ┬áthat I had bought some “freaky” DVD. At last He watched it, in fact he even said that it was well done! So here is a recommendation that Jared likes too (it must be good then!). I have the DVD, so if you know me, you are welcomed to borrow it, or better still, buy it yourself, and share it around too! I hope that you all have strong marriages united by the love of Christ. I hope that we can raise godly children who will live to glorify God, and serve their neighbour.
On another note, I have a confession to make…I will tell you about it later…img_1192

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