Mar 21 2009

We Have Go!

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Yay, my email is back on! I don’t know how, but I used all my upload/download space too early…oh man, I miss my internet. Jared later confessed that he may have downloaded something….ugh! Let me just say that my house is probably a little tidier..what a shocking confession that is! What else have we been up to?

Cassandra made some lanternsimg_0997This is what she normally looks like..img_0998Lachlan made slime..img_1043Alycia spent the days after school listening to Anne of Green Gables on tape, over and over again…she drew pictures of all the scenes..img_1013this is Anne receiving the dress with puffed sleeves from Matthew.img_1017We all know this one, it’s Anne breaking the slate on Gilbert’s head! I’m sure that she has used a whole realm of paper doing all these drawings..We have also gone through the children’s cupboards matching and purging unused clothes, do these breed?

We found a dead frog in our pool yesterday…”Jared, we need chlorine!”img_1048

We recently swapped bedrooms for the Alycia and Cassandra share a bunk, and the boys share the “pink” room. Camden was disqusted, so….img_0856One day we will paint it another colour.

Tommorow we will be having a lunch for my father and for Stephanie who will be celebrating their birthdays this week. I can’t believe that Steph will be 14!

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  1. nedwards2on 23 Mar 2009 at 8:21 am

    Cassandra is so cute, I laugh everytime I see a photo of her. She is a cutie that’s for sure x

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