Mar 15 2009

Pulling in the Reins.

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Friday was a day dedicated to pulling in the reins. This is a day where I slow down, and watch, and let nothing go unnoticed. Perhaps I have been a bit lazy with the discipline lately? Cassandra was distracted with tracing some words, and cooking with Stephanie.img_0958I also taught Steph to make some scones.img_0966The trick to making scones is to mix lightly. When you rub in the butter, use your finger tips! When you mix in the milk, do so with a flat knife. They are very yummy. Jared likes them with dates in them, the children like them plain with jam and cream.

Here is the simple recipe if you want to whip up a batch. Jared’s Grandma use to make these in a jiffy when unexpected visitors popped in.

2 cups of Self Raising Flour

1 teaspoon of sugar

15g butter chopped

1 cup of milk

Sift flour, add sugar, rub in butter with your finger tips, then add in the milk quickly and mix with a knife.  Tip out onto floured surface and cut out circles. Place on greased pie dish, close together, and cook on hot for 10-15 min.

On Sat. we enjoyed staying indoors while it rained. We were suppose to have Camden’s Boy’s Brigade sports day, but alas, it was too wet. We had a couple of neighbourhood children around doing experiments with my kitchen ingredients…now I have a stained bread board, ugh!img_0974Cassandra made a mess with the left over baked beans…have I said “ugh” yet? I did a lot of cooking on friday, and finally popped in to visit a friend who just had her 5th baby. She looked so well, and the baby looked so beautiful. The children then had youth group ( I don’t normally like youth groups, but this one actually studies the Bible). I finally finished my applique for Sylvia’s 18th, and she isn’t even 21 yet!img_0977The Bible verse that I chose for her was Phil. 4:7 about the Peace of God.

Today?  A peaceful day, with Church, and then home to an open fire, some cooking and some family time. Lachlan went to a birthday party, which he really enjoyed. Oh, and Camden insisted on going for a swim on this dark and rainy day, and being one not to deter a courageous soul, I let him. I was cold just watching….and I got wet!img_0990img_0989

Have a great week everyone.

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