Mar 12 2009


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After having an afternoon of naughty children yesterday, and a bit of a struggle this morning, it is fair to say that I am slightly confused. It is very rare to discipline all five children at a time, but this is where I am right now. Five children, five different personalities, five different ways to discipline. What have I been feeding them, have they had red cordial? Do they not get enough attention? Why am I confused? because I have to remember whose punishement is what. Perhaps I am facing every parents struggle, I must stay calm, love them, and hope in God who can change hearts, including mine. Thank you God for my children, please call them to be yours. Help Jared and I do be faithful parents in leading them to you.2su5ca4uzxywca14h0cyca7u5qa3ca7dner7cayqhv11ca7j9bglcadwjmkbcajoudagcav8oh37caw8u7umca8x2c0lca5sr03dcayphc25ca80n35ccaw58irocahb50d2cavp7lxzcao32vijca7qhom3Ok, so this isn’t a picture of MY Children..I really don’t take photos of everything that happens in this household! I would much rather…d3086Ok, so this isn’t a picture of my family either…but you get the picture…

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