Feb 27 2009

Where Have the Days Gone?

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The last few days are a blur. We have friends who live in Belgrave Heights, and they were evacuated on Monday? because of the fires. We actually had some ash over in The Basin….very scary, and yet surreal. It was very smokey. Thankfully they were able to go back home on Tuesday. Today everyone was warned about being on alert. Schools were closed for the day in our area, and others. The wind started to pick up at lunch, so I decided to go out with the kiddies. I asked Alycia to check the two children next door to see if they would come with me, but their mum had the good idea to have a sign on the door telling me that they were at work with her. We sat in the shops, the children played thumb wars.img_0611It is good to be home again, we even went for a swim after tea!

Yesterday Camden decided that he wanted to be a scientist. He is really interested in those magic trees at the moment, I’ll show you one tommorow. Yesterday we made some green pancakes, Camden was thrilled. We all gagged though, because they tasted like playdoh, ugh! Who would have thought that food colouring would have made such a differance to the taste?img_0602Some day this week, I really couldn’t tell you what day, I went into Dimmey’s. Cassandra always want to run off in this store, in 5 seconds, this is where I found her…up on the platform, and in a dog house! A new cubby house perhaps?img_0607Today we did some sorting of all my horded stuff, I am ashamed of myself. I have so many stickers, stickers that I don’t even give to my children because they end up on walls, floors, furniture….well, you get the picture.img_0622

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