Feb 17 2009

A Good Example.

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Tonight I have been thinking about good examples. I have been blessed to have had some good christian role models in my life, ones that come to mind when I am thinking of which direction to take. I was talking to some friends the other day about the sabbath, there is no doubt that the Bible is clear about keeping the sabbath holy, so why have I gone into a shop or paid for the movies on a Sunday before? I guess I am a hypocrite. It really is amazing how you can think that something isn’t so bad if everyone does it. It is really rare to hear of people avoiding shops and the like these days.  It also makes me think now about what I do, and what negative influence I might have on someone…If you know me, it won’t take you long to realise that I slip up often, but hopefully you will also know that my trust is in Christ alone for my salvation.  I know with a certainty that only Christ  can save a sinner such as me!

img_0396This is Cassandra, yesterday she made some coconut balls for the College Opening Service. She couldn’t roll them into balls, but as you can see, she did everything else. She washed her hands about 20 times, so I can assure you that they were safe to eat!

The children were all well behaved during the service, it was such a late night for them.img_0405

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