Feb 14 2009

Happy Valentines!

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Before I write this, I should really say that Jared and I have never celebrated Valentine’s day, but then again, if Jared choose to, I wouldn’t complain! But, Hey, I’m going to Europe, that is every Valentine, Christmas and Birthday since my birth, right? Today has been a day to remember our spouses in particular. My girls and I went to a friends renewal of wedding vows today. It was very God honouring, and one thing came across loud and clear, and that was that they gave God the glory for sustaining their marriage. I loved the fact that their three girls, aged 21, 18 and 15? each spoke or sang. One made a poem, another a song, wow, I actually shed a tear…..To celebrate, they didn’t want gifts, but just some afternoon tea, so that everyone could share in their day. I found these cute “Hershey Kisses” on another blog bellabia? Now I guess you would have to be an American to know what a Hershey is, so it was a little lost in translation..but it still tasted ok. The recipe was very simple, Orea biscuits, one packet plus 4 more biscuits, and a block of light cream cheese! Crush biscuits, mix in cheese, how easy is that? Here are some pics…oh, and you need to dip them in chocolate!img_0362


 Mold the cream cheese mixture into balls, put in the freezer for 10 min, take out then form a little tip at the top.img_0368

Dip into chocolate, place on foil, print off some little saying, and gather up the foil, easy!img_0376

I also made some for our church luncheon tommorow, Stephanie made the sausage rolls all by herself, how good is that?

 Gotta go now, so I hope that you all have a happy Valentine’s day. Now you can have a kiss with your cuddle! (how corny is that!)

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