Feb 11 2009

I'm going to Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do you believe it? Jared will be going to Geneva to the Calvin 500 conferance, and because he loves me sooooooooooooo much, he can’t bear to experience Europe alone. Jared is sacrificing an expensive  motel, and other little luxuries so that he can bring ME!  Wow, I can’t believe such a thing. Despite saying that I don’t have any interest in Rome, I will even be visiting there for a Day!  I don’t know if I could take on the Pope, but if I see him, I would probably try to convince him that he isn’t any mediator and neither is Mary. Aren’t we glad that we have the Bible to read ourselves? This is what the conferance is all about. Both sets of parents have offered to look after the children for three weeks (yeah, I know, they are very brave), but considering my dad works full time, it might be fairer to have two parents (being Jared’s) to brave our little bundle. I feel a little nervous leaving Cassandra ( I hope that she doesn’t forget me!).vintage

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