Feb 07 2009

Hot Hermits

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What a terrible day of heat 450c! We closed curtains, turned on the air conditioner (thank you God for this luxury) and stayed still. I sat and googled most of the day (stuck to my seat), Jared did the same. Cassandra had a tea party with Lachlan (against Lachlan’s will)img_03081

Alycia played with Legoimg_0309

In other words there is stuff is everywhere, and guess what? I don’t care!

What I do care about is my family up in Buln Buln, they were on high alert for bushfires. Thankfully now at 8pm the woarst is over, and they are relieved, so are we. A number of times through the day, I called the children together to pray for their cousins and grandparents and Auntie and Uncle. Everyone prayed in order of age, starting with Cassandra, I was amazed at how much she seemed to understand, until I heard her say something about a boat? We need to keep our fire fighters in our prayers too, they are so brave. fffirehouse2






I also read the new book by the Duggars “20 and counting”, it is a simple and quick book to read. I liked it because the mum and dad showed that they weren’t perfect, but just regular christians who prayed for their children to become godly adults. There was some good practical advice on child raising. Unlike the rest of us, they will never regret not having enough children. What a blessing it is to have children!img_0311

To finish on a summery note, look at this cute watermelon fruit dish. It combines todays two topics, summer and babies..y_834









Check out this great site called the tipjunkie , I think that I found this great monkey pattern off this site (although I did say that I have been on google all day, who knows!)3227821132_8b3f60f5b8

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