Feb 05 2009


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Today while rummaging through some cupboards I came across a little stash of silver (or silver plated if truth be told). Here are two serviet rings, one with Jared’s intials and one with my name. When I first met Jared, his family use to use serviet rings at dinner time, and after I had been going out with Jared for a while, they got me one too! Call me easy, but this was important to me, and when I see it, I smile. It really is the little things that can make someone feel loved don’t you think? A little thought, and a small tradition. I might start this up with my children now. If you get a serviet ring, watch out, I might have my eye on you for a future son or daughter in-law!

We finally got our school paces, $2000 later! img_0281img_0282img_02841


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