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Jan 08 2017


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Hubby is on holidays. He gets very bored so we have gone to nearly every shop in Melbourne. We don’t go to actually shop, just to be in the middle of the shoppjng frenzy. Eek! We met up with my daughter and her little family a couple of times too. Grace found a few favourites that she had to wave good bye to.20161223_103807We have enjoyed the pool every day too. We are so spoiled. I love the pool, it reminds me what it is like to just enjoy the outdoors. We are so blessed. A bonus is seeing Grace enjoy the pool too. She is a little water baby unlike her mother at that age, she is over confidant.20161223_151909I was jumping up and down causing tidal waves. Not the most becoming photo. Perhaps I will use this picture in some Woman’s Weekly article about a before and after transformation. You have to keep a few ugly pics.

Christmas was weird this year. We had grandparents who couldn’t join us, Great grandpa had passed away and Jared’s side of the family had a medical event which kept them resting. My Dad was with his wife’s family who were going through some hard times themselves. I had the thought that everyone that I use to have Christmas with as a young person has either died, seperated themselves from me, or joined a cult. I guess that is when you know you are getting old.  On a more positive note, Steph, Sam and Grace stayed the night so we all got up together for gifts before Church.20161225_064513 I had to wake everyone. I felt like my Mum who use to sing out Merry Christmas waking us all up. Everyone like their presents. 20161225_062159I gave Jared some Myer cards. I have never been good at choosing gifts. I went totally bonkers this year and bought myself a few gifts which I have never done before. Totally selfish.

Back to the things I bought..On a fb page selling Cath Kidston, I bought a new bag. 20161230_175206It is reversible. It has a long shoulder strap too which I love because it keeps my hand free. I also joined up to the Sew Sampler box. This is my second one, totally indulgent. I cant really afford or justify doing this every month. Its great if you live in the US, but the postage is the killer. 20170104_114105look what was in the December one.20170104_114155I really like the material and the magnets.20170104_11421120170104_114239Lori Holt has some lovely designs but I think that she needs a better profile picture for her items. A big smile makes everyone looks so much nicer ( even if you dont have teeth), not saying that she doesnt have teeth.. Anyway if you want to take a closer look at the box there are plenty of people doing You Tube videos on them.

We did more shopping.20161228_104234Here is Jared, with our Grandaughter Grace and our youngest, Cassandra.. I have sewed a lot. I made about 30 of these rattles.20161222_193542We went to a baby shower on boxing day. I didnt think anyone would turn up, but there was a good number there.  A couple of days after that we drove to Benalla and Wangaratta for two seperate ordinations. Three of our kiddies had gone to camp so we only had Cassandra with us so we stayed in Shepparton and went there for Church on the Sunday. It was lovely to enjoy Cassandra on her own. A day or so later Cassandra was vomiting. She had caught a bug off someone.20170102_152131This is where she slept for a few days. She normally sleeps on the top bunk and after vomiting from it about this time last year all over Alycia’s new school books, I wont be making that mistake again. Who knew you could reach every corner of the room with vomit from the top bunk. Great memories. The kids came back from Camp, and then it was Lachlan’s turn. The rest of us got away with it this time, phew.20161213_084105Getting back to Christmas, this was my favourite gift that I gave to someone. This was for my inlaws who are Christians and are bee keepers. I thought that they would like them.20161222_105746This photo is my little family 10 years ago. I was going to stick it on all the Christmas cards. Jared is suppose to be looking at his empty wallet, I was trying not to get in trouble and the kids where chaotic. Despite the Chaos at Christmas I hope that we can all reflect on why it is called Christmas and that is because of Christ. Our saviour came to die for us and to rise again defeating death, so we no longer have to fear. We now have hope, we have Christ, God with us.

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