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Nov 29 2016

Better than Undies

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When you can’t find shorts that dont look like undies, you are forced to make your own. I had Cassandra try on a few but they were too short. Her last pair of shorts were actually boy ones, they dont force boys to wear skimpy shorts, it’s not the 70s anymore. Haha. Anyway, I hoped  on to youtube once again and whipped  them up in no time.20161129_201929 Yesterday, I couldn’t stand the birds any more. We have them in our lounge room and  they make so much mess with all their seed. So I got to work and make a skirt? for the cage, and it actually contains it. yay!20161128_161231

Today I recieved my magazine that Jared subscribed me to. 20161129_193805Im on to the final ones now. I opened up the magazjne to see the message that I hoped that they printed. 20161129_193819Bonus. Apart from Christ, my family is my greatest blessing.

Life has been pretty busy these last weeks. Everything that the children do, has a final night, or exam etc. Alycia had her grade 6 piano exam and achieved an A with honors. She wasna trooper handling her nerves this time. Her piano teacher has recommended that she skips grade 7 and goes straight into 8. Wow. I love that they can play. I have to admit that I dont enjoy the repetitive practice though. Some love it, I do not. Afterwards we went to Chadston to have a look around. It is a massive shopping centre.20161117_131144

We had the College dinner. Jared recieved an award for being the hip lecturer. He used BAE a few too many times. This is what happens when you have a teenage girl to teach you stuff like that. We have also been to a wedding and have another one this week to attend.

The children were interviewed this week for Church membership. I think that the children were all encouraged in this. All of us as a family will become members together.

I have just begun to make Softies  for Mirabel again. This time they will be collecting them in February, so there is no hurry. Theynwant homemade toys to give to children who have rough lives. The softies use to be displayed in the window, but they dont do that anymore. I use to get a buzz not only seeing mine in the window, but all the other handmade items.  So far Inhave made 4 toys.20161115_16092320161115_201432I forgot to take a photo of the two monkeys, I will do that tomorrow.

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Nov 07 2016

One Week

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It has been a bit of a mixture as far as the week has gone. Sunday week Jared and I stayed in Bendigo so he could preach for Reformation Sunday. I enjoyed, the preaching, the fellowship and the night away. I was given some lovely homegrown flowers, that are still doing well on our fireplace. 20161030_200125Jared suprised me by ordering late night room service. 20161030_212454In nearly 25 years of marriage, he has never done thjs before. The next day we met up with a couple for a late breakfast, it was a lovely catch up.
On Friday we went to the zoo for our grandaughters second birthday. She is such a blessing. She loves giraffes. 20161105_100111She threw her toy giraffe into the enclosure. Alycia climbed into the enclosure, she was her hero.20161105_100037One of my favourite photos of the day was of Jared holdjng Grace’s hand while walking out of the seal exhibition.20161105_11064920161105_092938Here is my baby girl who is  nearly 11. Time goes so quickly doesnt it?
Tomorrow we have grandpa’s funeral…..

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Nov 02 2016

Great Grandpa

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20161102_190043Dear Great Grandpa passed away on Monday evening, October 31st. We will miss him very much. If ever you wanted to discuss something or sort it out in your head, he was the go to guy. He was the hardest worker I have ever known ( along with Gma), it may have been the era? When I first met him about 28 years ago, he use to ride his bike and balance big wooden planks on his handle bars and at least ride to the next suburb. When we lived in the manse, we came out one day to find our gate fixed or our bins sorted. He was 94, but his mind was as sharp as anything. In his younger days he could add up columns of numeric figures all in his head. My husband will miss him especially. I won’t  put up a picture because he wouldnt want that and neither would Gma. The box above  is somethjng that I made for him about 15 years ago, gma gave it back to me. I dont want it. So now we have a funeral to go to. We are having it at Moe where Jared use to be the minister. It is going to be a long week. Thomas Parker will be missed. xo

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