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Dec 31 2014

Last Day Of the Year.

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Oih, It’s been a long time. So much life in one year. I have much to be thankful for, despite what my head sometimes says. For a long time, I wake up and say to myself ” I don’t care”, it’s not quite the mantra that a mother/wife should have. I redirect my thoughts and say instead “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it”. We all have choices to make don’t we? 10858561_329926607192860_2534142109528080004_n Look at this! I am now a Grandma!! God has blessed Sam and Stephanie with a lovely little girl. She has brought such great joy into our hearts, into my heart. At 8 weeks she is smiling, she smiles at me. I thank God for those dear little smiles. Now the battle is on, who gets to cuddle her the most. So far, Alycia ( her auntie) is winning.
My Dad lived with us for 8 months ( I could write a blog about that), we all survived, but he has moved on to greener pastures. He was reunited with a friend that he had as a teen ( I hear that she looked good in her swimsuit back in the day ), she heard of his loss and wrote him a letter, they met up, and now they are married. It is so good to see my dad happy again. He has someone to make him laugh, someone to hug, and someone to inspire him onto better things. I thank God for my Step mother Barbara. barb and dad
Lately I really want to talk to my mum, I still find that really tough. The other day her sister called, I could hear the same inflections in her speech, that both my mum and nana had. Voice is such a powerful thing.
So my New Years Resolution? To care. To wake up, and to care. To care about my family, the people that I meet. To look after the things that God has given to me, to care for my soul, and to try once again to stop looking and feeling like a whale. It is a new season of life, and people need me. I might not change the world, but I can change the world for someone.
I hope that you all have a good 2015, and even if you don’t, remember that there is a mighty God who is near to all who call on Him.f8bca106b2188087a82af64f0193098b

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