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Jun 27 2012


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My hubby turned 41  last week ( I am actually older than him by a couple of months)..I hate those couple of months where I am the obvious “older woman”.  The children had something planned for his birthday, Jared asked me what they were doing. I couldn’t tell him much except it involved a chicken and a violin, lol. That got him thinking for a few days. The kiddies arranged to do a Fawlty Towers dinner..I found it amusing because they kept doing things wrong without meaning to. Lachlan poured a drink from a bottle, but it was oil! Also between the girls they forgot to cook some vegetables with the roast chicken ( I mean, possum). It all went with the theme though, right?Great menu eh? hee hee, I just love this girl, she makes me laugh.Don’t you love this cartoon? Well, it made me have a little laugh. I went op shopping with the two eldest this week and I found this jacket. I asked Steph to take a photo of me in it, to see if it suited me. I bought it. Meanwhile Steph just tried on some clothes…ugh!and then..Oh man, she is a challenge when it comes to clothes shopping. I mean, she doesn’t even take her jacket off to try on the clothes!! By the way, I did not choose the above, and we did not buy them. But I love this girl too, she is a real sweet girl. If I was a teen, I would be lining up to be her friend, she is a loyal and sweet talking girl. Love ya Stephy.I went to Heronswood in Dromana with my sister and mother ( and of course the kiddies), yesterday.  We got in for free being RACV members and the kiddies were free too! It was a lovely day. We also did a bit of op shopping ( of course). I found this swap to take part in, yay! My swap buddy is Sheryl, her blog is here… I love swaps…what’s wrong with me?

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Jun 18 2012


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Don’t you just love surprises? Yeah, me too. I got a lovely one from from a friend Gail, in the post last week. The postie pulled up, and the excited part of my brain started to quiver, especially since I wasn’t expecting anything. I opened it up, and what did I find?Haha, it’s Smurfette! Now I just need to make her a space for her :D. Gail, you are aiding a psycho! I really appreciate the thought, you made us all laugh so much. I really love the card too, isn’t it the most beautiful card? You are so crafty ( in a good way, lol).

On Saturday Cassandra was invited to a bird birthday party. She really wanted to make the five year old girl a gift, so I let her. First, I drew up a pattern, then she traced it.Then came the sewing. I couldn’t get the big machine to work ( I broke alot of needles recently), so we used the little cheap machine from Sams Warehouse.Then she stuffed it herself..And after great determination..she finished. I was very proud of her. Don’t you think she did well?What else have I been doing? Driving kiddies around here, there and everywhere. School of course…Oh, and I went on my first trip to Cosco as a quest. I took a photo of  me with the toilet rolls for the children ( considering we go through so much).As you can see, that although I have lost 19 kilos now, I am still a biggie. I can tell you though that I feel so much better. I sleep better, move better, and generally feel better. I am always a little nervous that I will wake up with all the weight back on overnight, ugh!This is my dear girl, with her own style. She has three quarter jeans under that dress. Long socks, and a black jacket underneath. She said that she is starting her own fashion. All I can say is that I am happy that she is always modest.  I love my Stephanie, she is such a role model (just maybe not in her fashion ;D).

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Jun 12 2012

Just as Well…

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Just as well I have my phone, or I would never remember what I have been up to. The last few weeks we have had Lachlan doing his year 10 exams, finishing school within two hours ( a pain when his school is an hour away), and Stephanie has been doing some year 12 SACs (which are in house exams), she has more to go. I am really disappointed in the government distance education subjects. She has had a few different teachers who have gone on leave for one reason or another, and until the last couple of weeks she has had no feed back…very unhelpful. I guess if you want to be a Dr, you go through the regular system eh?We have had some heavy winds around here. Another Gum tree has hit the dust. AS you can see, their roots are very small, and that is why they are always falling. Since we have been here, we have had three fall in the one street. One car was trapped under one. On our actually property, we don’t have any, but next door have few that are large enough to fall on our side :CThis is one of the yummy salads that we have been eating, pretty don’t you think? I have reached my half way goal now, 18kg. I haven’t been as good as I should be, so I might have a week or two where I stay the same, grrr. Naughty me. I have to look at the big picture, and hang in there. It’s good to see that I do actually have hips afterall, lol.We all know that we have been celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee, well, I bought this T towel as, I must iron it. There  were other things too, very pretty, but not for me.I also saw this cute little book, but I resisted it. If you want one, you can find the book in Big W.On the Queen’s Birthday we drove up to Bendigo, well, Stephanie drove. It was such a lovely weekend with all the family including my sister. We met up with my mum and dad who are house sitting. It was lovely to meet my little second cousin too. Here is my little family, don’t ask me why Lachlan has shrunk down, he is actually taller than Jared now.The poster says it all, lol.

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Jun 02 2012


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Far out, I nearly lost my blog. How bad is that? Three years of my life documented and lost in cyberspace. I was very brave though, I didn’t cry. I waited. Knowing my hubby is great with all things computer, I decided just to be patient, and it paid off. Now I desperately want my blog printed just in case…Evidently our server changed, and a few things literally got lost in translation. 

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