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Sep 26 2011

What’s Up?

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I have been a busy little bee cutting, sewing, painting. I am glad to say, that I have finally finished all of it, and now have all the items packed away into bags. Take a look at how my house has looked.100 swords, finally done.150 card packets.100 pillow cases painted with shields.Lots of cards ready to be sorted..
and some stamp magnets with “Stamp Boy” on it. This magnet is to remind people to save the stamps off their letters, because when you do, we can sell them and raise money for missions. Ok, so Stamp Boy doesn’t match the Knights theme, but I think that the kiddies will still like the idea. Mind you, the suit Camden has to wear is a little too tight, so I think I have to unpick some seams or else he will have some permanent damage (if you know what I mean)….Enough about Dayspring Day…

Spotted through out the weeks we have also attended a sewing bee for “Pads for Africa”We used the pattern from here if you want to make some: My friend Mairi, does an amazing job with the organizing of all this. We need people to cut out the material though, so even if you can’t sew, maybe you could cut?

The children were even brave enough to have a really wasn’t warm enough, but who wants to kill the fun?I had two children (Stephanie and Alycia) away for a weekend at a Church Youth camp. At the same time Lachlan was at an Army Cadet camp, but for a few more days than the girls. At home I enjoyed Cassandra and Camden with an extra two children for Sat and Sun. They were all very good. We went to a fete, the park, for a walk, watched some movies, all up it was a good weekend.We recieved this lovely box of goodies in the mail the other week. It is from a lady who has had Jared proof read her book, she is a Dr. Do you want to see inside?I excitedly opened the box (it was addressed to both of us), then when I realized who it was from, I wrapped it back up, and put it back into the postage box, so Jared could open it.

That’s basically what I have been up too, I’m sure I have done more…oh yeah, mum and I went to see “The Help”, which I enjoyed. I went to visit Jared’s Granparents on Friday, and took lunch to have with them and …oh, I dunno life goes by so quickly…

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Sep 06 2011

Happy Fathers Day (for four days ago)

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I hope that all the daddies out there had a lovely Father’s Day.

I am so blessed to have a husband who is an excellent Father to our kiddies. He has always made us his priority, always watched and directed out children with care. I love the fact that when he is in a hurry to go to work, he still has time for the children to smother him with kisses and hugs, or he will stop for a quick dance with Cassandra on his feet.  Saying this though, daddies are never off duty, just like mums. I woke up on Sunday, and the first thing I saw was a HUGE huntsman above the bathroom door.  So Jared’s first job was to KILL the spider. The kiddies of course made Jared breaky in bed, followed by some pressies. Camden gave Jared 20c (um….) Lachlan gave some lollies, Alycia knitted a beagle dog (photo coming), and Steph and I put in for an electric shaver. We then went off to Church.Children if you want a happy daddy, be wise. Remember that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. What is fear? Respect? submission? Knowing how mighty God is, and what he desires from you. All of the above.

After Church we went to my parent’s house. How bad am I, my dad cooked for me! It was a lovely day to catch up, and my sister popped in too. I am so thankful for my family. Sorry mum that I broke the antique little fork, made from bone. It just fell off in my hand, yes, really.

On Monday I dropped Steph off to help out a mummy. She was a little nervous, but I love the fact that she was willing to help. I think that every female should be able to walk into someone’s house and be useful. Mind you, Steph is probably more confidant that me, in this regard :{We went to a 50s party on Saturday (it was actually a 21st). We did try and make an effort. I decided to wear my apron and pearls, after all, a woman’s place is in the home right?Hubby followed in Cassandra’s footsteps this week, by breaking HIS glasses. To be fair to him, they actually just broke in his hands. Thankfully they are just under warranty.Look at these lovely tulips, they are from our garden. Ok, so they are on their way out, but they are still pretty don’t you think?This photo should be labeled “How to Make a Mummy Cry”. I walked into the kiddies bathroom to find piles of washing. I was disappointed to say the least. Mummy has had to review her parenting technique, and get the kiddies back on board.  So besides doing the washing, I have been doing cutting, and sewing, photos of that later..

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Sep 02 2011

Catching Up with My News…

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I can’t actually remember much from the last few weeks, so I will have to check my photos.  My kiddies have all been working hard for some cash. Lachlan has just got a lawn mowing job, it takes a couple of hours, but the people are very generous paying. The same people have been paying Alycia to make her lemon cakes for $5 a pop, and Steph gets paid for her piano lessons, and for a crocheted turtle. Narelle, I hope that we are not going to make you broke.Last week Cassandra had her own fashion creation, she kept wearing a scarf around her neck, looks a little Parisian don’t you think?This beautiful bassinet was given to us, to pass on to a single mum. Isn’t it lovely? It comes with a stand. The bassinet was like new, so lovely.I have my kiddies working again, here is Alycia laminating. I have to make 160 packets with 30 missionary families in each. I also have to make 160 packets to hold them, ugh!Oh, my Mr Men and Little Miss have multiplied.Steph has made another toy, a crocheted panda. The girl named it Pete Panda, and he evidently has his own Facebook account now. Toys are so advanced these days…I recently bought some clippers, I gave up and got Steph to take over. She did an alright job. The next day I did Camden’s hair and totally hacked it. He actually had some bald spots, oppsie!I saw this nifty little trick with a banana so I had to give it a try. I had to poke a pin into letters, and as time goes on during the day, the letters get darker. It would be a cute lunch time treat to find in your lunch box, don’t you think?I thought the above sticker was clever.I like this one too.

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