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Aug 31 2011

Not Great

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Wow, now a whole month has passed? I seriously have been the sickest I have ever been in the last couple of weeks. On a Friday I suddenly came down with a fever, and then that was it. The next day I had trouble breathing. I pretty much lay in bed for five days, until Jared took me to the Dr. I don’t like Dr’s so it should let you know how sick I really was. She was surprised to see that I was still standing, and she just kept looking at me. She then said that my chest was really bad, and that I might be an extreme asthmatic! I know I’m not asthmatic, but that once my chest cleared up, I would be fine. She gave me two lots of antibiotics, some prednisone, and a Ventolin puffer (which I actually had to use, just going up the stairs to my room).Being sick can make you feel very lonely. I think that my kiddies treated it like a holiday. Alycia though stood up to the plate, and was wonderful. What would I have done without her? She is only 11, but she cooked for everyone, cleaned, and just generally held the fort. I am so proud of her. Lachlan my son, even ironed his own shirts and made his own lunch. Although I still had a weeks worth of washing to do when I improved. I was very thankful to have a friend drop off a meal to us. It’s not only the meal, it’s the care that goes with it. I guess it’s another disadvantage of not having a church that is close, no one helps. I called my mum, and had a “moment”, and she came to the rescue. She visited twice, bringing food, and doing a general clean up. She even arranged the flowers nicely that my girls had bought for me.I’m glad to say that it is three weeks later, and I feel fine. So now, I am back to work. It’s good to be able to work again (who knew). I would show you something, but my photos aren’ t uploading again..grr.

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