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Jul 31 2011


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A whole week without blogging? Naughty me, aren’t I lazy. You know how it is though, sometimes you just can’t be bothered. The week has been full with different outtings, and with some sickies. Now let me think…

Sunday..Jared has just accepted being the moderator of Essendon and Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church (that means that he is preaching there until they get a new minister). One of the older ladies in the church gave us a huge tin of lollies, yum. Monday we had the usual, Girls Brigade and school, Tuesday I helped look after some children at the college so the mums could go and listen to Ed Welch. I really enjoyed the time, although I was soooo tired afterwards. We had a visitor stay but unfortunately I couldn’t be a very good host, because I had to take Steph to her music and sit in the car for 2 hours, and then take her to Boxhill for a meeting about her trip to India (set for early FEb 2012). Instead of  waiting in the car this time, I went in and became a “fifth” wheel. It was warm. Wednesday, beside school and general tidy up, I had my visitor again, and again, I had to go out at night to take Steph to Music, and got home at 10 again. So much for enjoying my visitor. Wednesday, I had some sickies with the flu, so I sat them outside in the afternoon to kill those nasty germs.this is Alycia, next here is me and my little buddy.It was very nice and warm, lovely.Cassandra went and cut up some carrots for a snack.As part of Camden’s school work, I asked him to write about a Bible Story and how to apply it to our lives. Now, we obviously have to work on the spelling, but I thought that he did an alright job, he even made three points. Jared got him to preach it for us.On Friday night Camden went to a Boys Brigade fun night.Sat we went shopping, for nothing in particular. Steph was at a Girls brigade camp, so it was quiet (she must make all of the noise), or perhaps it was because I had Lachlan and Alycia home sick?

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Jul 23 2011

A Lovely Saturday, well, sort of.

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Today we had a lovely day, we drove down to Frankston to visit the beach. Before going the beach we stopped off to the Frankston shops for lunch and a quick looksie . We are all on the look out for Mr Men and Little Miss toys for my sister’s friend who is expecting a baby. Today we found three in the shops. I also have a Mr Bump.Jared took the children for a walk on the warft, while Cassandra and I had a little puddle in the water.Ah Freedom! You have to love the shells too. It wasn’t long before the others joined in.When we got home, Steph made some yummy Egyptian soup and a main meal.and..This is a no meat meal, and yet, it was yummy and filling. We all gave Steph the thumbs up 😀

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Jul 22 2011


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Oh man, look at these photos, how ugly! I had to go and get a Working with Childrens check” ready for helping out with child care at the Pressie College when Ed Welch will be talking for the week. So these are my photos. They told me to take off my glasses, and not smile. Ugh!

Last night the power went off for an hour and a half, at first I thought How annoying, but then….the children came alive. The house was in total darkness, but I remembered finding a packet of glowsticks in the boys room, only the day before. So although it looks like we can see each other clearly.When I wasn’t taking a photo with the flash on, this is what we really looked like.We all played Murder in the Dark, Lachlan was very scary jumping out, or hiding behind a chair, and then grabbing my leg when I walked past.

I am so glad that it is the weekend already, and that I don’t have to take Lachlan to sport tomorrow, phew, a day at home. This week we have been back to the whole school routine, and extra’s including an evening meeting at college where I got home at 10 something, the same for Wed. It has been a week where I have felt completely dumb. I have finally concluded that I am one of the dumbest women that I know, well, actually I have always known that, although I find it frustrating to know it. I am thankful that it is God who gives wisdom though, so I am thankful for His Word, and the truth that He reveals to us.

I heard someone say that they wanted to buy some champagne glasses for a wedding, and about how expensive they are. I suggested the op shop. So I went searching. The mum said not to pay more than $2 a glass, I found these for 30c each, bargain! So I bought 24 in total. If they are happy with the ones I have, I will look for more for them.We went to visit our great grandparents on Thursday too, they live just over an hour away. I also went to Rosebud on Monday to drop off some goodies. Do you believe that my big blue van has drunk $160 worth of petrol this week? Ok, so it’ s not empty yet, but it should explain why I borrowed some money off one of my daughters.Do you like this Hello Kitty Pillow? I found this at an op shop for $2.50. It unzips to reveal a blanket, cool eh? I have also been buying plain pillowcases to make into bags for DSD. So far I have 50.Ok, so this might not really be funny, but it made me laugh.Saying that, have a look at these Ice.cream cookies I think that I will need to make some of these for a bit of a treat. Find them here:

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Jul 17 2011


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This post is mostly about  why? Like why you should buy your child face paint for being brave at the eye doctors.seriously, this stuff gets on everything!!!! Never again. Also why you should do a dress check before church, what was he thinking? He looks like a chef.He had his jumper under the shirt, where did I get him from, lol.

The other night I had to rush out around tea time, so I said “Lachlan, you can make tea” I don’t normally do this, so he stood shocked with his mouth open. It was an easy meal, enchiladas. When I got back an hour later he was still cutting up the chicken.To cut a long story short, he did a good job.

Yesterday I went out with some of the ladies from Sth Yarra Church, it was lovely to catch up.Look, I found some more cool books, I love the art work in these books.Have a look.andoh, to looks so glamorous while hemming.Now I have a collection, who knew.My husband bought me a snuggie, I’m not sure what that means. I am wearing it now, I am warm (saves on heating I guess).

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Jul 14 2011

Another week

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Boy, don’t the holidays go quickly? I am on the tail end here. I have been going through all our dress ups, can you believe that we have over 20? Of course most are from the op shop over the course of 16 years. I have also been going through my baby things to giveaway ( a very difficult thing to do). I have taken the change table out of Camden’s room to giveaway too. Meanwhile I have taken out Lachan’s bookcase, and have replaced it with a desk (so he can study, hint, hint). Therefore the house in a total mess right now, with piles of clean goodies lying around.We went to the zoo this week. The Melbourne Zoo is free for children under 15 during the holidays and the weekends. We still have to pay for the us, and for Steph now, so it does still add up. As you can see, Cassandra hasn’t got her glasses on, because she broke them again!!! Now she is wearing them with sticky tape.Awh, look at his eyes. When I look at orangatangs  (spelt wrong, I know), I think of my nana. She had big brown eyes too. I miss seeing those big eyes.This is cool eh? And what about this.$69 for one dress up? Rip off! Our collection must be worth a bit then eh? This is evidence. My side of the bed is to the right of the picture. Me thinks that my hubby hogs the bedsheets. Between that, his snoring, and Cassandra having another bout of bedwetting this week, I am totally tired. Today I drove Steph, Lachlan and Alycia to a friends house, but drove for 15 minutes past her street, ugh! Today I should avoid polite company ( do I sound all Jane Austin?, I watched Persuasion last night :D)

I have heard that teenagers get up to mischief when their parents go out, well, it is the opposite here. Do you think that Steph will notice that I have filled part of her cupboard?

These are some of the torches for Dayspring Day. Don’t ask me how they tie into the knights them, but I’ll think of something. At $2 each with the batteries included, it was too much of a bargain to pass up.The perfect gift for a baby scholar. Yes, you too can learn Biblical Greek or Hebrew! I’ve ordered the Greek and Hebrew ones for a friend who is about to have her third baby. They are board books, so they are perfect to get your teeth into 😀Oh no, not another doll! Yup, I just can’t resist. It’s a lovely little Asian one, and only for $5! I was going to give it to Alycia, but Cassandra just claimed it.

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Jul 10 2011


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Jared arrived home yesterday. I told him that we could see two young girls who were the pilots, tee hee. Actually we could see two men, I was just stirring. We were all very happy to see to him. He even bought us gifts…Jared bought a pack of 6 key rings with “Perth” written on them. The youngest got to choose which one they wanted first, i got the t-shirt shaped one. The three youngest also got a water globe, two had a fish inside a one with a black swan. Cassandra’s one has already broke.

Friday night my sister, Auntie Nicky came over, and we all went to the drive inn. We went to see Mr Poppers Penguins. We all sat in the boot of the van, it was sooooooooo cold.  Sat morning at 1 am Cassandra woke up after she vomited, nooooooooo. At 8am she was asking for bacon and eggs, go figure. She has already recovered. We stayed home from church just in case.Wednesday night we had a few of Steph’s friends over for tea. The girls stayed over, and the boys went home.Look what I got in the mail, a lovely bunch of felt, mmmmm. I have just found some random pics of some mugs I found too, I hope that they give you a little chuckle.and….

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Jul 05 2011

What to do?

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What do we do when Jared goes away for a week? The three youngest have been going to a kids club at Donvale  church, which they love. For $50 my children get to do crafts, sing songs, learn Bible verses, and generally just have fun. Bargain. In the afternoons we have been op shopping (afterall it’s cheap entertainment). Seriously who can afford to send everyone to the pictures or to bowling? I have been sending my kiddies to bed early, and just having Steph and Lachlan up for a bit later.This is what I found in my fridge this week, I have an Army Boy, lol.Camden got a game from the op shop, Mouse Trap! He was told that it was $1, but then they gave it to him for free. I have a big box of junk that I let the kiddies get into, to make something artistic…um!! Guess what I got as a gift last night 😀I found these knights in a second hand shop, I wish I had a 100 of them to use for Dayspring Day.More books, ugh, where will I put them? Did I tell you I went to the Library yesterday with the kiddies, and discovered that I owe $27! Ouch! I haven’t paid it yet, I’m just using a different card (always have a couple of people in your family with cards, just for this purpose ;D)I also found this tupperware collection. I actually bought it for a friend, but now I have envvy, and am wondering if I will actually give it to her…I’m doing a deal with Cassandra at the moment. She has little mistakes (bed wetting), every now and then, so as an incentive, she will get this when she has 10 nights where she is dry. She told me that her memory isn’t good, so I will have to show her every morning to inspire her (ok, so she didn’t actually use the word inspire, but something like that).Look at the cute bat that Camden made at his kids club, so clever. He is now hanging up in his room ( the bat, not Camden).

My coins arrived today, yay!!

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Jul 02 2011

Bye Bye Jared.

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My hubby has just arrived in WA to give some lectures and to preach three times tomorrow. We went to see him off today. Here is Cassie waiting in front of the plane.This is the first time in 19 years that Jared and I will be staying apart for more than one night. I actually have a read bad stomach ache, I think it is because I feel bad that he is gone (lame I know), because in actual fact I thought “yay, I will have a good sleep without him taking all of the doona, and I won’t have to listen to him snoring) but my body doesn’t lie. I felt this way before my big trips to the US and the UK (nerves), and when we moved from Moe to our new house. Who knew I was such a nervy person.Of course Cassie started to cry when he left, while Camden made crashing plane noises (not helpful). After waving good bye, and paying $20 for parking (absolute rip off for one and half hours), I went to pick up Lachlan. He spent to night sleeping under a tarp (I’m sure there is a fancier name for that, but it still was a tarp). Lachlan was so cold, that he didn’t change out of his clothes since Thursday, eww! I was waiting for him to get out of the bus, but all the boys looked the same in their army gear. I looked around a boy, to find Lachlan say “hi mum”, he looked like a man!! I’m sure that he has lost weight too, his hands even look bigger. He proudly showed us his left over food.I then had to pick up two of my girls from Girls Brigade indoor camp. It’s nice to have my kiddies back. We had tea (pizza), then had our devotions (1 Timothy) which I got Lachlan to read, and then we prayed, of course for Dad. Stay safe, teach well, and come back to us.

We are on morning tea tomorrow, we also have a lunch and a catechism exam for Lachlan and Alycia. I have done heaps of cooking in the last week, namely 4 lemon meringue pies. I use this recipe, supper easy and tasty.I also just made some corn flake honey joys and caramel sweets.

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