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Jun 01 2011

What’s Up?

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The last couple of days  we have tried a few different activities inbetween breaks at school. The first thing we tried was some puff paint, super easy.Once in the microwave, the paint pops up. You can find the recipe here:

Then we tried to make a modeling clay with the lint from the dryer.collect some of this..and then do this…personally I thought that this was really gross, considering I even had my hair in it. We did mold some, but I ended up throwing it out, after all, how desperate am I to not buy the real deal?Alycia and I both made a batch of hot cross buns today. They looked ok, but the texture wasn’t right. Fail!!I am making more of these, since posting a couple of samples to someone from the church who is taking some to Malawi for the women to have a look at. First thing you do is just trace around an existing pad. Cut out a front like above in flannel or cotton, and a bottom in fleece. Inside we will cut four layers of just the central shape, two of fleece, and two of thin flannel.Sew the middle layers under the top layer. Once this is done, sew the top and bottom together right sides together, remember to leave a gap, so you can flip the material the right way. Sew the wings so they sit well, and then put press studs on the wings, then you are done. Now make 5, ooo of them.:D

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